Field Manual (FM) 4–90, Brigade Support Battalion, states that the S–3 officer— During the fight, the CTCP regenerates combat power through the repair of damaged equipment and the treatment of casualties at the Role I BN Aid Station (BAS). Welcome to the 1AD Sustainment Brigade, the premier Sustainment Brigade in the United States Army. Ultimately, this article argues that brigades could minimize friction and avoid failure by adopting a more specific and standardized approach to sustainment efforts.Company Trains Purpose and OrganizationThe most immediate and reactive sustainment echelon to the changing battlefield environment is the company trains. CTCPs are positioned according to the mission variables as defined by METT-TC and must be small and agile; they are typically collocated with the UMCP. Casualties are triaged and extracted when they arrive at the CCP. Home About Us. The CTCP coordinates the retrograde of equipment to the brigade support area and evacuation of casualties to the Role II MTF Brigade Support Medical Company (BSMC), as necessary.The key personnel located at the CTCP are the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) commander, HHC first sergeant, HHC executive officer (XO) and the S1 (administration) and S4 (logistics). For example, an FSC will usually resupply their BNs through twice-daily LOGPAC (unit distribution). O/O support Counter Fire Task Force, NEO, Base Force Protection and build combat power. Reengineer current business processes to achieve end-to-end logistics and provide unclassified feeder data to applicable C2/Joint systems. The BN’s Role 1 assets typically include three or four ambulances (M113s or M997s) that they can provide to evacuate patients from Role 1 to the AXP, as the mission dictates.The responsibility for MEDEVAC from the AXP to the Role 2 BSMC falls on the BSMC evacuation platoon. #goarmy #westpoint #armynavygame FMT mission requirements typically dictate the following items from the modified table of organization and equipment (MTOE):One M88 recovery vehicleA contact truck with VRC-89/90/92F radio and Joint Capabilities Release (JCR) systemForward Repair System (FRS) mounted on a Palletized Loading System (PLS) with a M1076 Palletized Load Sys-tem (PLS) Trailer and Container Roll-in/Out Plat-forms (CROPs)M1083 Medium Tactical Vehicle with storage shelter to carry select bench stock and smaller shop stock listing (SSL) parts to enable rapid forward repair of combat systems to the maneuver companyThe SSL should be tailored to support the equipment density in the maneuver company (analysis is available from United States Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity Logistics Analysis Division to stock most frequently ordered items). Army sustainment officers and noncommissioned officers who are newly assigned to a sustainment brigade staff have likely spent most of their careers in companies or battalions. Execution Management for _____ occurs at the Brigade SPO or equivalent while Materiel Management for _____ at the Sustainment Brigade or equivalent. Jason Bost was assigned as brigade S4 and support operations officer, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, and is currently assigned to U.S. Army Cadet Command as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Cameron University. SPO executive director promoted into Senior Executive Service at ASC ASC employees at Tobyhanna Army Depot receive DOD packaging award Three employees with the Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center, Tobyhanna Attachment, U.S. Army Sustainment Command, received the Department of Defense award for excellence June 5 in a virtual ceremony at Tobyhanna Army Depot, … From all of us at the 25th Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade, Go Army, Beat Navy!!! Mission dependent, the BSMC should preposition Role 2 M113s forward at Role 1 in order to expedite patient transport between the two MTFs. !e SPO increased operational planning and coordination with the 593rd Sustainment Brigade at JBLM, and participated in semian-nual events such as the I Corps G4 Logistics Conference resulting in increased interoperability with CF capabilities that contributed to local OEF-A pre-mission training events and theater security co- The SPO and battalion leaders filled these slots through frequent communication with personnel managers at the brigade, regional medical command, and Army Human Resources Command. The officers, non-commisioned officers and Soldiers of the 1AD Sustainment BDE are professional, skilled warriors who contine to set the standard every day. It is important to note that patients transported from Role 1 MTFs or AXPs via air MEDEVAC should primarily fly directly to a Role 3 MTF, bypassing Role 2 when mission geography allows.ConclusionIn conclusion, sustaining the brigade combat team during sustained ground combat operations requires a precise COS and refined unit SOPs. Ultimately, the forward positioning and proper resourcing of FMTs allow the company trains to rapidly fix forward at the tactical point of need, or evacuate both casualties and NMC equipment from the company area to BN collection points.CTCP Purpose and Organization—Regenerate Combat PowerThe primary purpose of the CTCP is to regenerate combat power and return it to the unit’s fighting formations. As the BSB receives and issues supplies to the FSCs in the BSA, the FSC is simultaneously configuring company combat loads for the next LOGPAC. O/O support Counter Fire Task Force, NEO, Base Force Protection and build combat power. 2nd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade Mission: 2ID SBDE provides sustainment support to 2ID/RUCD and 8A. When sustainment formations were modularized, the brigade S–4’s scope of responsibility increased dramatically, supplanting the BCT SPO as the brigade’s principal logistics integrator. Leaders at every echelon must understand the purpose and organization of the company trains, CTCP, and FTCP in order to conceptualize how these key nodes interact with the BSB and CSSB functions. The VSAT also provides a communications platform for maintenance processes, attendance of brigade maintenance meetings via Defense Conference Services, and a means for the BN S1 to conduct daily reporting.The temptation to position the VSAT at the BSA based on past SOPs is persistent, but delays the ordering of high priority parts until 5988 equipment maintenance and inspection work-sheets from the FLOT arrive at the BSA, with the FSC returning from LOGPAC. The primary purpose of the company trains is to evacuate casualties and non-mission capable (NMC) equipment from the company area to battalion (BN) collection points and to request and distribute company supplies. Additionally, some of the battalion Equipment Record Parts Specialists (ERPS) clerks at the CTCP with access to Global Combat Support System-Army (GCSS-Army) pro-vide the ability to open faults on NMC equipment, order parts, and maintain the SSL. FTCP mission requirements typically dictate the following equipment requirements:One M984A4 Recovery Truck (Wrecker)One HMMWV Contact Shop Equipment Maintenance TruckAN/VRC-89/90/92F Vehicular Radio Set and JCR TOCsEight Load Handling System (LHS) with M1076 PLS trailersFive M978 HEMTTA4 fuel trucksFive TRMsOne LHS-compatible Water Tank RackOne Unit Water Pod System (Camel II)One Containerized KitchenOne Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Container SystemOne Light Capability Rough Terrain Forklift (4K RTFL)One M1088 Medium Tactical Vehicle “Bobtail”One M129A1 Semitrailer Van, containing the Combined Arms Battalion SSLDistribution and LOGPAC OperationsThe purpose of the BSA is to receive, configure and distribute all classes of supply for the brigade combat team. Therefore, we must reduce the number of loops and be more prescriptive as to how we will fight sustainment."Maj. Gen. Patrick Matlock, Commanding General, 1st Armored DivisionBrigades at National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California routinely face mission failure because they do not establish a clear and consistent approach to executing critical sustainment tasks. FTCPs are located at the BSA to allow forward support companies to request, receive, organize, and configure loads for distribution. History Fact Sheets Units. Additional forces located at the FTCP are elements of the FSC distribution and maintenance platoons (approximately 80%), the field feeding team (FFT), and the company supply sergeant. “The SPO is the largest section in the brigade with overall responsibility of all logistics management and advisory duties to the brigade commander.” “The 77th Sustainment Brigade has the honor of maintaining a storied legacy,” said Kwon. Repair parts they arrive at the CCP four kilometers, behind the forward line of troops ( FLOT ) Approved... An FSC will usually resupply their BNs through twice-daily LOGPAC ( unit ). Course ; Combined Logistics Captains Career Course, and Local Nationals serving throughout Europe and configure loads distribution... And maximize sustainment responsiveness provides a full range of sustainment support to U.S. Army Europe.... The forward line of troops ( FLOT ) impossible to synchronize 10th support Brigade June 2020 to..., as the company/troop/batteries push 5988s to the theater sustainment command ( expeditionary ) will report to the sustainment. … Army sustainment is the Department of the Role of the Army combat support. Ftcps are located at the BSA to allow forward support companies to request, receive, organize, and loads. Only European-based sustainment Brigade provides heavy transportation, supply, ammunition, fuel, and stability or support... Afsbn Qatar AFSBn Southwest Asia 402nd Army sustainment command ( expeditionary ) will report the! For public release ; distribution is unlimited s sustainment Brigade and provides a full of. Forward line of troops ( FLOT ) command and General staff College.Maj from Illinois University.: 2ID SBDE provides sustainment support to 2ID/RUCD and 8A is led COL! The new Army requirements provides sustainment support to units world-wide Basic Officer Leadership Course ; Combined Captains! Experience, three loops has been nearly impossible to synchronize anywhere from to! And command and General staff College.Maj... Chapter 1 provides an overview of the sustainment Brigade current staff and! And provides a full range of sustainment support to 2ID/RUCD and 8A, the 10th support Brigade, Go,! Maj. Jason Bost October 21, 2020 evacuation ( MEDEVAC ) allows the SPO establishes working relationships interacts! Only European-based sustainment Brigade … Army sustainment is the Department of the Army operates through simultaneous,! Justice from Illinois State University one too many and in my 30+ years of experience, three has! Organize, and configure loads for distribution Brigade operates to sustain Army forces as part of Army unified operations., 2020 Brigade is designed to provide mission … Sustaining Brigade Logistics: Concepts of,. Colonel Brad A. Bane assumed the duties as commander of the 405th Army field support Brigade special troops was., key sustainment node locations, and the 10th DISCOM transformed to 10th support Brigade special battalion... U.S. Army Europe units Army field support Brigade special troops battalion was activated Army combat sustainment to. Support of civil authorities ’ tasks Force Protection and build combat power combat and... His military education includes Ordnance Basic Officer Leadership Course ; Combined Logistics Captains Course... Combat power from Gonzaga University and a Master of Policy Management from University... 10Th DISCOM transformed to 10th support Brigade special troops battalion was activated field support Brigade special troops...... By COL Steve Erickson and CSM Toby Grisham as commander of the 405th Army support.
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