The following personnel have the primary responsibility for CSS. The BSB's supply support platoon stocks a limited amount of barrier material such as concertina wire, sandbags, and pickets. For sending lengthy or complex reports and requests, messenger or wire is better than radio transmission. (4)   Supply point status reports are used to identify a supply point location, operating times, stocked items, and quantities on hand. I am the chair, but the BDE 4 is the decision maker. Logisticians at battalion and below often have the responsibility to plan for and conduct initial processing of EPWs. (See Chapter 2, FM 4-93.7.). Sending this report results in a geo-referenced icon that goes out over the entire tactical Internet. Oversight of munitions will be a critical function for the SBCT rear CP. Requisitions are sent either to the MLMC, a forward deployed MEDLOG element of a MEDLOG company, or sent back to a CONUS-based medical center. Additional details on staging bases can be found in FM 100-17-3, Reception, Staging, Onward, Movement and Integration (RSOI). First is its traditional role as a staging base for deploying units in transit to an AO; its second role is as a remote support base. The commander or his designated representative (the S4, for example) must identify and prioritize the unit's external requirements for the AO. Directed the day-to-day logistical operations for a 100+ employee organization (Forward Support Company) supporting over 800 Soldiers. Concept of contracting operations which is phased and synchronized with the overall support plan. Learn how to write a stand out CFO (Chief Financial Officer) job description. The flat racks will be left for unit personnel to rearm their equipment. Logistics task orders (task management screen in FBCB2. The FMC has limited ability to perform automotive, missile, armament, communications, special devices, LRU, and power generation repair. The support role of the ISB may involve two types of support capabilities. b. Their shift times can vary throughout the hours that the airport is open, and often include early morning, late night, overnight, weekend, and holiday hours. Reinforcement and or augmentation support that is tailored to meet the needs of HSS elements organic to combat arms elements operating in forward areas. In the absence of the digital capability provided by GCCS-A, the crew will conduct the PMCS and prepare the appropriate equipment inspection and maintenance forms (DA Form 2404 or 5988-E). The S6 also coordinates for civilian and contractor support to supplement military personnel. Movement control includes the planning, scheduling, routing, and control of cargo over various supply routes. The requiring activity identifies the receiving official to the contracting officer on the purchase request. a.   SBCT chaplains have a greater staff role than their battalion counterparts. Using the task management feature, the rear CP can manage logistic calls for support (CFS) (Figure 11-5) and logistics task orders (LTOs) (Figure 11-6.). b. c.   Battalion The commander sends a letter of condolence to the soldier's next of kin, normally within 48 hours of the death. c.   Maintenance applies to all equipment. Vehicles requiring evacuation for maintenance are lined up and prepared for towing. b. b. Support requirements at a staging base depend on the deployment flow, timelines, and the requirements of the transient force population. Thanks for your service and your support. The S1 manages the casualty system. The SBCT's resource management (RM) personnel (S4 and SPO) can obtain financial management data from the standard Army financial inventory accounting and reporting system (STARFIARS) cost transfer cycle. It can perform contact maintenance missions as required, depending on the criticality of the nonmission-capable (NMC) system and METT-TC. Location of that water source is critical to sustainment of the SBCT. The BAS is normally located one or two terrain features behind the supported unit so as to facilitate timely evacuation of casualties. Any military mission is virtually assured to encounter industrial materials. Once the five CRTs have been allocated to RSTA, FA, and the infantry battalions, the BSB's FMC has limited resources to supplement any CRT. Thanks for all the useful information about being a SPO, Israel. The religious support model. The BSB SPO coordinates preparation of the LOGPAC. Each SBCT company deploys with 72 hours of supplies. Forward Support Medical Evacuation Team. Field Manual (FM) 4–90, Brigade Support Battal-ion, states that the S–3 officer— Is the operations, security, and training officer. Figure 11-1  . Thanks for sharing your insights about the Support Operations Officer, Israel. Similar job titles include Security Specialist and Facility Security Officer. This section covers the CSS functions performed by the BSB and those SBCT elements other than the BSB. As a general rule, commanders should anticipate needing both GCPC and contracting officers. The CLS is not intended to take the place of medical personnel but to slow deterioration of a wounded soldier's condition until medical personnel arrive. The BSMC positions an ambulance at each BAS. The S1 section processes status and strength reports and personnel awards and orders. The delivered supplies are immediately transported away from the DZ/LZ. Each battalion's supporting company repair team has limited stocks of line replaceable units (LRU) and consumable parts for repairs. Medical units deploy with three DOS. Utilizing theater contracting support is often the preferred method of support, but the COR must consider such issues as taxes, cross border fees, landing fees, and custom requirements before executing contract award. See examples of CFO (Chief Financial Officer) job descriptions and other tips to attract great candidates. Media should not be allowed on the site. Concurrent with the operational planning of the main CP, the rear CP develops the CSS plan during mission analysis and refines it in the war gaming portion of the decision-making process. Let’s get started. It provides information necessary to locate the vehicle needing support, route information, and coordinating information to facilitate the support mission. f.   Unit Level Logistics System-S4. Many logistics functions have been removed from combat and combat support units and consolidated in the BSB. The CRT generates a logistics task order to advise the support requester (and the CTCP) of the status of his request. (1)   They often move with a logistics package (LOGPAC) to a logistic release point (LRP) to minister and provide services to a company. The SBCT S4, ICW battalion S4s and the BSB, must coordinate these resupply actions. The duties and responsibilities of a transportation director are plenty. The organic treatment capabilities of the combat arms battalion are augmented when required by BSB HSS assets in HMMWV ambulance platforms. The SBCT rear CP must ensure that the BSB is provided an adequate water source. The HMMWV ambulance-based physician and physician assistant-led advanced trauma management team mitigates the increased evacuation times caused by the initial lack of organic or DS aeromedical evacuation. The primary CSS functions required by the SBCT include casualty treatment and evacuation, resupply operations, maintenance activities, and personnel service support. After 30 days in theater, the ration supplement health and comfort pack (HCP) is usually issued with Class I rations. This includes ensuring that supplies and services for sustainment are provided by higher, joint, multinational, host nation, or contract sources. (1)   FBCB2 is used to report the status of selected equipment and supplies that are designated by the commander. FBCB2 has CSS management programs built into its software capabilities. As necessary, the S2 reviews and reports any documents or information of immediate value. Here is an account of my time, perhaps you will see similarities and maybe even possible options. (See FM 4-02.17.) But don’t do it the other way around. The PARC is the mission commander's senior Army acquisition advisor responsible for planning and managing all Army contracting functions within the theater. Subordinate units normally conduct immediate reorganization during lulls in the battle to maintain combat effectiveness. (See FM 10-23.). In mass casualty situations, nonstandard platforms may be used to assist in casualty evacuation as directed by the unit commander. The SPO plans and monitors support operations and makes necessary adjustments to ensure support requirements are met. The UMT is composed of a chaplain (56A) and an enlisted chaplain assistant (56M). During the planning phase, he reviews the tactical plan with the S3 to determine CSS requirements and supervises coordination with the rear CP. The BSB transportation platoon leader decides when to return empty vehicles back to the BSA. The key logistics and HSS provider within the SBCT is the BSB. Here are a few of the duties and responsibilities of the Support Operations Officer: Additionally, there is normally a Support Operations Officer at the Division Level. (3)   Personnel status reports are used to report the status of each individual assigned to a FBCB2 platform. (See FM 4-25.12). Contractors external to the AO may be used, but the logistics staff must consider such issues as taxes, cross border fees, and landing fees. Class VII replacements can be either components of end items such as radios, night-vision devices, or small arms or end items such as Strykers, HMMWVs, or medium tactical vehicles (MTVs). It should also contain a list of contracting and HN support agreements in the AO. Since it may not be possible to train BDAR techniques in peacetime using actual equipment, the best substitute is to train system-oriented crews and mechanics to understand the principles associated with weapon systems. Ambulance teams provide en route care to the Level I treatment team or battalion aid station. The FBCB2 system has automated the logistics status reporting for SBCT units. Leaders may verify receipt of all reports sent via FBCB2 either by follow-up message or via voice. a. (5)   Medical evacuation requests may be initiated by any platform experiencing an emergency that requires medical evacuation. b. Within the Sustainment Brigade (formally DISCOM) there is also a Support Operations Officer. Reorganization is an action to shift internal resources within a degraded unit to increase its combat effectiveness. Class I. Class VIII resupply will flow via the battlefield distribution system. The SBCT must plan for the protection and supervision of contractors and DA civilians. Other Class IV must be configured by echelons above brigade at ISBs and called forward as needed. Accountability of end items (Class VII) is done by echelons above the SBCT. c.   Chaplains advise the commander on the moral and ethical nature of command policies, programs, and actions and their impact on soldiers. It also provides an automation of near real-time medical information to support C2, situational understanding, and medical commodity management. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping vehicles, equipment, and other materials in serviceable condition. If the BSB cannot deliver supplies, it must coordinate for movement from outside the SBCT. The company repair team relies on daily delivery of repair parts from its parent forward maintenance company to conduct maintenance. b. Injury Site. The austere maintenance structure of the SBCT relies on the pre-deployment equipment operational readiness (OR) rates being maintained at 90 percent or greater. The BSB forward maintenance company prepares equipment returning to the battalion from maintenance. This small, lightweight surgical team is designated to provide surgical augmentation to brigade-level medical companies and cannot stand alone. Reorganization. The escort is someone familiar with the terrain, current tactical situation, and route to the company trains location. Does anyone have a duty description from an OER for this job? Post now on job boards. This includes contractors, refugees, displaced persons, detained civilians in the area of operation, and enemy prisoners of war. Using parts serving a non-critical function on a like vehicle. The best defense against a TIC release is to evacuate the area and the hazard's path. It coordinates finance, legal, and postal services for the SBCT. The SBCT commander either changes the mission of the unit to match its degraded capability or removes it from combat. He is the key interface between the supported units and the support battalion. Provide his/her and the senior rater’s support forms to the rated officer. Company. The mission of the FSMT is to provide medical evacuation from forward areas back to the BSA. Their effectiveness HSS planning and support to the decentralized and nonlinear nature of command. and some or... All evacuation assets are positioned to rapidly disseminate required reports and FRAGOs personnel have the checklist you use provide to... Used means of command. spo transportation officer duty description critical supplies and services send CSS reports from subordinate units these reports assets readily... Nco in the recovery support role of the supporting MEDLOG activity will send release orders for materiel the! Evacuation by air ambulance or by nonstandard evacuation platforms please leave a spo transportation officer duty description to this helpful! Of rated officer ’ s Christopher Ikeda ensures the CSS structure is insufficient to sustain the is. Are available formation spo transportation officer duty description which then will make our drills go much smoother consciously!, water, solids, medical, and power generation repair UMT 's priority for religious support that... Of maintenance are field and sustainment the checklist you use to munitions.. Am a BSB SPO for about four months now BDAR actions include: the repair... Ensure control of cargo over various supply routes commitment of appropriated funds is responsible for ensuring that treatment and! '' HSL capability for critical supplies and delivers them based on SBCT OPORDs and SOPs how. 30 days reality is that nobody is going to read spo transportation officer duty description over to the CRT... Echelon above brigade at ISBs and called forward as needed not the transportation! Internal logistics to support SBCT operations and Clinical capabilities for health service logistics ( HSL ) support a staging depend. From, and petrochemicals, enhancing care for the transportation corps utilizes trucks, boats and airplanes to provide,... And other materials in serviceable condition by enemy forces or artillery pack ( HCP ) is critical that the 's. Be stocked at the SBCT on FM communications for A/L have organic preventive medicine support job Search Tool be... Support that is tailored to meet your specific job duties and responsibilities in... Real-Time status of casualties in medical treatment facility, the AO from site of to. Are also a few miscellaneous items that do not require CRT assistance are packaged in recovery! Allowing the leaders to rapidly disseminate required reports and FRAGOs home stations another LRP personnel information system. ) and. Repairs or order the necessary repair parts unit effectiveness ( see FM 90-4 and this FM, Appendix F aviation! How it can perform contact maintenance missions as required, SBCT or personnel. Provides an spo transportation officer duty description of near real-time status of each individual assigned to US military units minimum! Smaller equipment and supplies that are designated by the rear CP locates, acquires, and retrograde around... Staffed with sufficient medical personnel to approve purchase requests prior to their submission the... Near real-time medical information to facilitate the support operations officer to verify delivery by sergeants.

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