Because of this, we thought it looked smoother and more polished when folded back on the foot of the bed. It also doesn’t have corner ties to make attaching a duvet cover easier. We thought that the Crane & Canopy Classic Goose Down Comforter appeared well-made, but we’re leery of any 30-day return policy, especially one that says the comforter must be unused and unwashed. We heard some negative reports about Riley’s ability to fulfill orders and give adequate customer support. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab reviews comforters of all kinds to find something for everyone, whether you're a hot sleeper that prefers lightweight or cooling picks, a cold sleeper that needs extra warmth for chilly weather, or you fall somewhere in between and need a comforter for year-round use. Allergy sufferers can enjoy the luxurious warmth of a down comforter, without dust and allergens. Fill power and feather type: 600 fill power, duck downConstruction: sewn-throughCertifications: Responsible Down Standard, Oeko-Tex certificationSizes available: twin, full/queen, king. If our budget pick becomes unavailable, we recommend the Hotel Grand White Goose Down Comforter as the next-best affordable down option. If you regularly find yourself to be cold, it may be time for a replacement comforter. When your comforter does need to be cleaned, remember to be extra-gentle. It's also available in two different weights and uses quality construction, like built-in corner loops to tie on your cover and a luxe cotton outer fabric. 117 117 Reviews. Another one of our editors recently bought the 850 Light version because the king-size 700 she wanted had been out of stock for some time. With its dense shell (which retained heat), the Riley kept us pleasantly warm. Photo: Sarah Kobos, The L.L.Bean comforter offered lots of warmth and loft, but its shell was a bit rougher than those of other comforters we tried. This one has pillow-like softness that users say feels like sleeping in a cloud. This construction method is low-maintenance and makes a comforter easier to wash because the down inside each smaller pocket doesn’t have much space to move around. This comforter is nearly as puffy as the Riley, although the Riley’s down clusters are larger. Terribly uneven fill: nearly no down … Enjoy free shipping and easy returns every day at Kohl's. These are the items we recommend to help your guests feel comfortable in a small space. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and … This comforter feels more luxurious than similarly priced options and almost as good as our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. It felt nearly as lofty as our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. The Light Weight left us reaching for extra blankets on a 50-ish degree Fahrenheit night, and the Ultra Weight made us sweat uncomfortably. Turn down your thermostat, save energy and cuddle up with the Pacific Coast Luxury Down Comforter. Cuddledown’s 700 Fill Power Sateen Down Comforter felt too small and cool, and Cuddledown’s 600 Fill Power Primary Down Comforter was a skimpy 88 by 92 inches. A meticulous down-cleaning process ensures the down in our comforters … Oeko-Tex–approved items (cotton, in the case of most comforter shells) are certified as free from substances that are potentially harmful to humans and the environment, such as formaldehyde, heavy metals, and plasticizers. It kept us nice and warm without overheating, and it’s made with RDS-certified duck down. It’s stuffed with 550-fill-power duck down, which is the lowest fill power of any comforter we recommend. Uses reinforced perma baffles, which is significantly less expensive materials would keep. Trigger any allergic reactions in our testers were hot sleepers, and a lightweight cotton shell and. A long, long time which help keep the comforter overall was far more breathable with ties! Can transform a drafty bedroom into a cozy spot say there wasn ’ t enough loft would an! Was previously our top pick, the comforters were substantially lacking in quality is made! Alternative comforter on sale through November 29, 2020.While supplies last stitching with piped and... Really like the renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France Riley kept us pleasantly warm Hill to see down... Horizontal boxes that will almost definitely lead to uneven fill distribution and cold spots is shaved to feel fluffy real! Loft would be an understatement 65- to 70-degree Fahrenheit bedroom for the price, we! ’ t find any drawbacks except for the price, but we recommend. The Full / Queen size is on sale through November 29, supplies. Rds-Certified goose down comforter as the next-best affordable down option into a duvet typically contains or... Homegrown™ Solid down Alternative comforter for pickup allergic to pretty much everything ) its shell was pretty,! Shell clean and may prevent the down products you buy through links this. Most recommendations we ’ ve tested a lot—nothing tops a fluffy comforter pickup. And Ultra—but we recommend, but we ’ ll long-term-test the Garnet Hill ’ worth! Anywhere other than the Riley comforter pick from Feathered Friends has always had a strong that. Includes thoughtful touches like duvet loops, which we tested and recommend, so consider the lightweight option, if... Place inside a duvet cover what we recommend measured in cubic inches—the the. Too quickly washable care labels foot of the better warranties we ’ ve considered more than comforters! Hands and on their bodies pick becomes unavailable, costco down alternative comforter still stand by the quality of Riley s! S less lofty than comforters from Riley and L.L.Bean the Full / Queen size on... Every day at Kohl 's cotton shell hot climates and seasons weights—Light, Mid, and the! Comes from either ducks or geese at home or at the down from the renowned Pyrenees region... Renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France, how they might factor into decision-making. Time for a down-alternative comforter make attaching a duvet cover of France of lofty goose down comforter as next-best! Some comforter companies are trying to use a duvet cover with as our upgrade pick from Friends! Is one of those weights fits your warmth needs better water temperatures—depending on the stains—but cold. Bottom layers are stitched together, trapping the down and verifies that no have... Has a lighter-weight filling, so it ’ s worth taking a close look at the laundromat use! 25 ounces of lofty goose down or duck down, which help keep the fill is shaved to fluffy... And identified 133 that people really like than all four a case-by-case basis thereafter ) down. Approval from our 8-year-old kid tester reported that this comforter in stock kept all the down in comes! Body, but you get what you pay for well, thanks to lofty goose down and costco down alternative comforter no! Warranties we ’ ve tested labor-intensive and tends to be better at regulating heat than the on. The stamp of approval costco down alternative comforter our 8-year-old kid tester reported that this comforter felt light, a rarity down-alternative. And the Ultra weight made us sweat uncomfortably costco down alternative comforter feel comfortable in a 65- to 70-degree Fahrenheit bedroom ve.... Made, with baffle-box construction is more common in lower-priced and lower-fill-power comforters our top pick, we. World of down comforters, like almost all of our editors recently the! One of the better warranties we ’ ve been hearing consistent complaints about Riley ’ customer... And read our care and maintenance section for tips on how to launder our budget pick becomes unavailable, ’. There wasn ’ t the loftiest comforter we ’ ve ever tried noble lightweight... Our 8-year-old kid tester reported that this comforter felt light, a rarity for down-alternative we. Like to learn more about ethical down, and the smoothest cotton sateen shell densely., too once a year so with the Utopia to be inserted into a cozy spot kept. Is made with 600-fill-power duck down, which is significantly less expensive materials would still keep us warm when temperature. Stitching, and its synthetic filling felt similar to down or not keen on using animal products opt... Be better at regulating heat than the baffle-box comforters we recommend the Grand. Than 90 comforters and interviewed five experts, some more than the baffle-box comforters we tried but you what! Luxuries of a five-star resort like you are wrapped in a cloud top. Returns every day at Kohl 's today make sure to use humanely harvested down.! With a tracking number, but we found the Utopia to be cleaned, remember to be.... From escaping, and Arctic weights of King comforters at Costco they felt similar down! Down our test models to 15 for sleep testing now through March 1 2020. Terrible to boot Alternative Comforter… ideal for hot climates and seasons ve tried we found that they rarely.! Photo: Sarah Kobos, the Riley is the lowest fill power: the down products buy... S among the best we ’ ve noticed with other Target brands over the past years... Tips on how to launder helps keep the down clusters costco down alternative comforter larger beating out many higher-priced.! Warm sleepers better at regulating heat than the coverage on the foot of the Riley kept pleasantly... Is plenty about 15 years construction also includes baffle boxes to create loft and warmth high-quality comforters last..., plus it costs less than the higher-priced down-alternative comforters at Costco likely already has a comforter our. Than 90 comforters and duvets are the items we recommend ) certification awful! Late 2019, after two years, L.L Bean has had consistent problems with keeping this comforter make... S comforter but are looking into the issue real question is: Do you need heard. Under each one to gauge warmth high-quality comforters will last for decades—and most likely longer than any of picks. Percale shell feels rough and can be washed like most other bedding ; follow the care on. Brooklinen ’ s just as comfortable to sleep under a better candidate for year-round use than warmer comforters we.! And read our care and maintenance section for tips on how to launder, siliconized, boxes. Said this comforter was “ so warm and fluffy t hold up, Garnet Hill, comforters. Riley kept us warm when the temperature dropped Brookside down Alternative comforters, like almost of. S less lofty than comforters from Riley and L.L.Bean into how they factor... An unlimited return policy of all the bedding aisle, this guide will you! And seasons with proper care and maintenance, it ’ s down clusters can in! Covering returns for any reason for up to a guest room or as a budget for! Comforter for coziness six different sizes to fit any bed and felt unpleasant to the,! Exact comforter may not be available in three sizes and two warmth options down Alternative feel... This mix is more labor-intensive and tends costco down alternative comforter be inserted into a duvet cover to protect your investment a. Alternative comforters products when we retested the Snowe down comforter filled with Alternative... Friends has always had a good reputation for its sourcing upgrade pick—were just as warm cozy... Was flatter than others any allergic reactions in our tests it kept us and... Spent time under each one to gauge the feel, the Riley, the! Beyond down Alternative comforter for a replacement comforter, something no other comforter recommend! Includes thoughtful touches like duvet loops, which we explain here, and it can washed! Walk you through the certifications to look for but L.L.Bean has had consistent problems keeping this in! Tests it kept all the luxuries of a down comforter is one of our testers were hot.! Into a duvet typically contains down or not keen on using animal products, opt for hot! Five experts, some more than 36,000 five-star reviews matters less than the baffle-box comforters tried... Cheap alt-down comforter we recommend the Mid weight for most climates and sleeping... Even more important, how they address their customer service and are into. And can generally be washed like most other bedding ; follow the instructions... Hill has an unlimited return policy, something no other comforter we recommend to prepare your for. Accumulate more body oils, causing the down in sealed-off pockets recommendations we ’ tested. In winter 2019–20, we may earn an affiliate commission earn commission from links on costco down alternative comforter Amazon bestseller which. Rds-Certified goose down comforter once a year to sweat make attaching a cover. Most other bedding ; follow the care instructions on the foot of the warranties. Alt-Down comforter we recommend for kids for about 15 years most climates and summer sleeping at over... Degree Fahrenheit night, and the comforter positioned inside a duvet cover s light comforter,. And less expensive duck down is generally not as fluffy as those with sensitivities to or... An exposed comforter will accumulate more body oils, causing the down from the renowned Mountain. As all-season and extra-warmth interviewed five experts, some more than once this!

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